Aloette Conceal Away Duo

alloette-concealer-makeup-cosmeticsIf there is one item to have in a make-up bag it is a quality concealer. From hiding dark eye circles, to diminishing those unwanted pimples, a good concealer is a must. Finding a concealer with both a light and dark option is the best as the two colors can work together to combat unwanted blemishes and dark skin areas.

The Aloette Conceal-Away Duo is a great pick for an everyday concealer. It has a silicone based formula and is filled with vitamin a and vitamin E. These vitamins will help keep the skin moisturized and help stop the look of caked on make-up.

The lighter of the two colors can be used to help diminish dark circles and the darker of the two is recommended for uneven skin tones and blemishes. If one color is a little too dark or too bright, use a blended combination of the two to achieve optimal tone and coverage. The concealer is very lightweight and applying more than once is not a problem.

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