Beauty Tips

beauty tipsBeauty tips come from anywhere and anyone throughout our life.  We start with beauty tips from our mothers, aunts, older sisters and then we advance those beauty tips with fashion magazines, television talk shows and now YouTube.  The great thing about tips is that you can pick and choose from what you want and very easily design your own style for cosmetics application.

Beauty Tips

By the time you are sixteen you already have hundreds of cosmetics tips and have already started to combine them and create your own.  Around your twenties, you’ll have it down to a science and can apply your face in under two minutes flat for a busy work or school day, fifteen minutes if you are going to a club and thirty minutes for an elegant affair.  In your thirties, it might get a little more difficult.  You might have a full time job and be raising your family and there will be days that you don’t have time to put your makeup on.  That’s when you start looking for beauty tips that are fast and simple so that you can look your best even going to the grocery store.  You know it’s possible because you’ve seen your friends there looking great, pushing a cart with 2.5 kids and you might even wonder where they’ve gotten their skills from.


If you are looking for beauty tips to apply your cosmetics in under five minutes, because that is probably all the time you’ll find in the morning between everything else that’s going on, then you may have to rethink your cosmetics arsenal.  No amount of beauty tips will help you if you don’t have the right cosmetics.

You’ll need to cover all of the bases of cosmetics and beauty to get the right look you want and in the amount of time you have. So you will need to break it down into the big categories.

Skin Care

Skin Care, is the toughest and most diverse category in beauty. There’s acne treatments, moisturizers, anti wrinkle creams, concealers, foundation, you get the picture. Most of us have a trusted friend called concealer that we rely on too much. Can’t be helped though unless we find more time in our day. What a lot of us are dealing with are red marks on our face. Aveeno has some great oatmeal based lotions that will help with that redness. If you have dry skin, then oatmeal can help with that too. You don’t have to do an oatmeal mask, but a touch up with an Aveeno oatmeal based moisturizer can make a big difference. Don’t apply powder until the skin has completely received the lotion though or you could cake.

Blemishes are a whole category on their own and will be addressed in more detail later on. Acne treatment is a huge industry and some products work others don’t and will always try its best to lead you in the right direction so you can save money on acne treatments and find cheap mascara and cheap cosmetics.

Eyes and Lips

Mascara is another trusted friend. There’s been a lot of improvements made in mascara over the past two years so if you are relying on the same brands that you started off with when you were younger, then it may be time for an upgrade. Take a look into Revlon, Maybelline and Alloette Cosmetics for great advances in mascara while still being affordable.

Lipsticks, oh so many to choose from! We are building a lipstick page just for you to help you decide what lipsticks are great for your tone, style and within your budget. We know that doing it on your own can end up in a cosmetics case of once used lipsticks and that’s why we are so dedicated to helping you.

Hair, not matter what the shampoo companies will tell you, is one of the easiest to get under control. Tell that to your frizz right? Well, with so many products on the market and so many copycats, you can actually find some professional grade shampoos and conditioners for under five dollars for a month’s supply. True story and we will help you find them.

Nails, Leg care and keeping your smile bright and white will also be covered in our expansive series on beauty tips.

Each week will continue to add helpful beauty tips so that you can benefit from the experience of our staff and our connections to some of the top cosmetics experts in the industry. If you are just looking to find quicker and easier methods or want to completely find a brand new look, is here to assist. We can guide you through selecting the right cosmetics and learn new, fresh ways to apply our beauty tips. We will also touch on some of the more impressive and dramatic effects while also covering natural beauty enhancing.

We know there’s a lot to cover and our experts are already hard at work writing tips for hands, feet care (especially important) and we are even going to take a look at rejuvenation and laser hair removal. These are two topics that are developing huge interest because of media coverage and a general curiosity. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they just never mentioned that 70% of that is us looking in the mirror. Beauty is for you, no one else and that is what we want to do for you; make you feel beautiful and looking great.

Discover a brand new you or upgrade some of your techniques with We offer you the best freel makeup tips on the internet and strive to always do so. You’ve found a reliable source for great makeup tips as well as health and beauty advice to keep you looking your best always.

If you are experiencing a skin rash or other disruption in the skin that is severe you should consult a qualified professional dermatologist immediately.  If you are looking for information about rashes or other occurrences of the skin, the best dermatologist in Chicago offers information on her blog.  The dermatology blog examines Chicago skin care and other topics related to dermatology.