Black Mascara

About Black Mascara

When looking for the appropriate eye makeup, you should definitely check out black mascara.  Mascara is the final step to creating beautiful eye makeup.  Most women use black mascara to beautify their eyes and help them look fuller, and more lush.  The eyes are one of the distinguishing features on a woman’s face, and if you accent them you can bring a lot of positive attention to yourself.  Different kinds of mascara and different application methods can make your eyes look entirely different.  Some women try to branch out and use brown, gray, or green mascaras in order to look unique.  This usually ends up being a bad idea and the women end up just looking awkward.  Nothing beats the beauty that comes from using natural looking black mascara.  It is sharp and controlled.

When applying black mascara you will want to take a few steps of preparation.  Before applying any makeup, you should make sure that your face is clean and dry.  Once you have cleaned your face it is important to get an eyelash comb to brush out your eyelashes and make sure they are straight and clean.  Use a steady hand to do the brushing and try not to poke your eyes because that can be very painful.  Eyes are sensitive and need to be worked with carefully.

Once you have chosen your desired brand of black mascara, just like when you buy shoes,  it is time to start reaping the benefits of it.  Keep in mind that there are three main types of mascara.  The first is water-based, the second is water proof, and the third is a mixture of both.  If the mascara you decide to use begins to irritate your eyes then you should switch to a different form.  You want to find a black mascara that you are comfortable with, and that works well with your body.

Now it is time to apply the different types of mascaras.  First of all, apply your eye shadow and eyeliner first before you attempt to apply the black mascara.  Next, use a napkin to wipe off any excess mascara off of the brush.  Curl your eyelashes while applying the mascara, not afterwards.  Otherwise they will stick to the pad on the curler.  Once you apply the mascara, try not to blink your eyes so that it doesn’t get everywhere.  Blot your eyelashes with a napkin to get rid of any excess mascara so that you don’t have any clumping.  Take a narrow brush and comb out the lashes once they have dried to get an even look throughout all of your eyelashes.  Lastly, remember to remove your makeup before going to bed.