Eye Makeup Lengthening Mascara

eyelashes mascara cosmeticsOne of the most noticeable parts of the face is the eyes. For many women it is a challenge finding an inexpensive mascara that works well. When choosing the right mascara it is important to think about what look one is going for. There are two main types of mascara, lengthening and volumizing. lengthening mascara gives the appearance of longer thinner lashes and is good for women with shorter lashes.

Women who have thin lashes, or a smaller amount of lashes should look into volumizing mascara. This type of mascara makes individual lashes thicker and also makes them appear more dramatic. For a night out on the town volumizing mascara will provide that wow factor. However, during the day it may seem too intense. Lengthening mascara is better suited for day wear.

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  1. Paulette Sunday says:

    I am looking for an auburn or light brown mascara that is waterproof since I have such bad alergies. Is there anyplace I can find one?? I cannot wear black or brown/black mascara. They are way to dark.

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