Eye Makeup Tips

One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating a eye shadow look is not preparing the eyes. It is important to start with a clean palette when putting on makeup. This means cleansing the face thoroughly before beginning another application.

Once the face is cleaned, apply foundation and concealer. When it comes to the eye area it is a wise idea to also apply eye primer. This is available through many different brands and stores; however the Aloette Eye Alive is a great choice to even out colors and tones. Once the primer is put on begin with eye liner. Be careful not to over apply the eyeliner or the look will appear too overdone.

Choose a eye shadow color that is appropriate for the occasion. Darker greys and blacks are good for going out on the town, while browns and natural tones are more appropriate for day time wear. Finally choose mascara that is non-clumpy and long lasting.

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