Lip Liner Tips

There are a couple of easy ways to manipulate lip make-up to get the desired look. It is important to know how to use lip liner and match it with the right shade of lipstick. To make lips look more luscious and plump make sure the lip liner and lipstick color is a lighter shade.

Cosmetics Tips

In most cases darker shades make the lips look smaller instead of larger. Apply the lip liner along the outer edge of the lip but be careful not to go beyond the normal lip line. Cover the both lips with lip liner before applying the lipstick. This will help the lipstick to stick to the lips as well as making them look plumper and fuller.

If the desired look is to create smaller thinner lips first start with a darker shade of lip liner and lipstick. Next when one is applying the liner, apply inside of the normal lip line. Do not fill the area with lip liner prior to application. This will create the look of smaller thinner lips.

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