Cosmetics, Skin Care and Healthy Skin

Makeup CosmeticsCosmetics are a wonderful way to keep our skin healthy, cover blemishes or just to enhance our overall beauty.


However, recent studies have shown that a good night sleep has its benefits. If you have ever heard or uttered the phrase, “I need my beauty sleep,” then you may already know that science has revealed that a full 8 hours of sleep can give your skin a more youthful appearance.

Healthy Skin

A recent study has shown that sleep is an integral part of skin care and healthy skin. The study provides photographic evidence of participants showing improvement in their skin quality and appearance after 8 hours of rest. The subjects were then photographed after less sleep and showed a negative quality.

Skin Care, Cosmetics and Healthy Skin

Skin care, cosmetics and healthy skin experts were asked to rate each photo. The photos of the participants after eight hours of sleep scored the highest ratings. The use of skin care products along with a good night’s beauty sleep can be an effective way to look younger and to have healthier skin.

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