The Importance of Shoes to Women

There are many things that people take for granted in today’s world.  Wearing shoes is just one of them.  It is not considered socially acceptable in most situations to walk around without footwear and for that reason people need to make sure they have the right footwear for the right occasion.  Most men do not have a problem with this.  They can get by with just a few types.  They need to have dress shoes, usually in black or brown, sneakers that are comfortable and that are able to be worn for any type of athletic need and a pair of work boots.

Women do not have it so easy.  They need to have many pairs and often fill up their closets with all of the pairs that they own.  The footwear they own have to be able to match specific outfits.  Women do not only worry about what color their shoes are, they worry about what shade of color they are.  It is not enough to look for a pair of red ones; it will have to be a dark red or a light red pair.   The style also matters.  The choices include flats, high heeled, open toed and sandals to name only a few.  It can be very confusing at time, but women seem to have it under control.  When they look in their closet they can tell you what each pair is for and why it is essential for them to have that shoe.  They will also be able to tell you the designer name on the shoe like taryn rose shoes, and where they bought it from.  They are that important to them.

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